Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Enhance Profitability by Managing Outstanding Collections

Most of the salespeople feel that their job responsibility is limited to achieving the targeted order bookings.  In a desperate bid to sell, quite often they agree for ridiculous credit terms set by the customer. 
However from an organizational perspective, a sales transaction is never complete unless the vendor has received the FULL  payment for the products/services he has supplied;  and which has been duly  credited to his account. Having the money in bank is more critical than having it on paper!
The webinar will provide you a comprehensive tool kit in not only improving the cash-flow but also your profitability.
For Whom :
The program is useful for Executives and Managers from Sales & Finance who are in B2B/B2C, Industrial products, Financial Services, and from Verticals like: Engineering, Financial Services, Hospitality, IT, Insurance, Logistics, Pharma, Telecom etc.
Main Themes : 
Major Themes:
  1. Effect of late collections and its impact on Cash Flow and Profitability
  2. What needs to be collected apart from money
  3. Types of Losses with delayed payments:   Opportunity cost, Interest Cost etc.
  4. How advance improves the profitability
  5.  Do's and Don’ts for Collections
  6. Check List for a Pre & Post-Collection Documentation
Trainer : 
- Author: Contextual Selling, A New Sales Paradigm for the 21st Century
- Trained more than 10,000 salespersons from 500+ companies since 1995
- 30 years of experience in Sales & Marketing including with Toshniwal, L&T & Wiltron USA
- Best Sales Performance in Asia Award while working for Wiltron USA -1990
- Winner of the Toastmasters' International Speech Contest in USA – 1997
We are Conducting Webinar Enhance Profitability by Managing Outstanding Collections on this program 
on 29th Nov 2017 @ 11am.
How To Attend :
Minimum Hardware Requirement:
  1. Computer: with Windows 7 or 10
  2. Broadband Connection with minimum 2 MBPS speed
  3. Latest Flash Player
  4. Headset with Microphone, Camera ( Optional )
Investment: Rs. 1416/- per person ( Rs. 1200 + 18% GST)
Please send a mail with your name, company, mail ID and phone to:
For details Call: 080- 2359 7930/9880236793 or go through our website:
We shall send you an invitation to enter the Virtual Class Room.

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